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ANNOUNCER: This program is brought to you by White Buffalo Lodges authentic Native American Teepees/Tipis and traditional Native designs. Welcome to Sacred Earth Radio where the people on the planet come together and here is your host, John Bentley.

JOHN: Good afternoon and welcome to Sacred Earth Radio. On todayís program we have Bill Running Fisher of Native Salsa joining us via telephone. Welcome to the program, Bill.

BILL: Glad to be here.

JOHN: Thank you for joining us. Tell us a little bit about Native Salsa. How long have you been in business?

BILL: Well Native Salsa is a family secret that used to belong to my wifeís dad and then he gave it to us to use. Weíve been using that. Everything we use is all sun dried ingredients from the peppers which we grow here in Montana and the tomatoes are all sun dried and all the other spices and stuff that we use in it.

JOHN: It was a family recipe passed down from generation to generation?

BILL: Yes.

JOHN: Now did your father get it from someone else, or did he create it?

BILL: No. Itís been in my wifeís family for hundreds of years at least.

JOHN: Really, no kidding. Thatís amazing. Now when did you guys decide to package it and sell it?

BILL: Well we went to college to get a Made by American Indians trademark and in order to get that we had to have an agricultural product so we came up with Native Salsa. So we got the trademark because everything we do that is made by American Indians is something you by from the real McCoy not these other people who claim to be Native American that arenít.

JOHN: Sure. Now how big is your staff there at Native Salsa?

BILL: Right now itís just very small.
JOHN: Just getting started.

BILL: Yes weíre just in the start up phase of it all.

JOHN: Sure. Now where can customers find Native Salsa?

BILL: Well we donít internet anymore. We donít have an email. We had a robbery and we lost over $12,000 worth of material and product and all so we shut it down. We had a lap top computer that we lost. We shut our website down, and we just use it by word of mouth advertising any more.

JOHN: Ok, so now where about in Montana are you located?

BILL: Weíre right up by what you call a high line. Itís northern Montana right on US Highway 2 which runs right straight across the state of Montana which is about 40 miles from the Canadian border. And thatís why they call it the high line. Thatís in north central Montana where weíre located right next to the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

JOHN: Great. Now you said that at this point in time youíre just selling it by word of mouth. Thatís a little bit of a difficult road to go isnít it?

BILL: Well. We do pretty good. People from different parts of the country that come through in the summer time, tourists and they buy our stuff. And then they take it home and if somebody else wants to try it so they give us a call, and we do ship it out.

JOHN: Speaking of giving us a call, why donít you share your phone number with our listening audience today?

BILL: Our number is (406) 899-8930 and the other one is (406) 654-8584.

JOHN: Great so they can just call you and talk to either you? Is it your partner in life that shares this business with you?

BILL: Yes, itís my wife. Weíve been together 48 years this coming March.

JOHN: No kidding. Awesome congratulations. Native SalsaÖitís pretty spicy isnít it?

BILL: Yes it is. It says A Bull Fight in Every Bite.
JOHN: Thatís a good little slogan.

BILL: And itís got a picture of two buffalo facing each other and what it doesÖfrom what the people tell us, you know, you get your first bite when you first taste it, you get the heat right away, and then you swallow it and then it will come back up and get you a second time. Itís got a double kick to it. Thatís why we call it the Bull Fight in Every Bite.

JOHN: What do you like to use the Native Salsa with? Whatís your favorite dish?

BILL: You can use it in your soups, stews, chili, meatloaf, or a spice in like youíre watching a ballgame, youíd use that to make your chip dip out of it with sour cream and mix it together and have a little dip to go with it. And if you like to hunt, you can use that to make your jerky. Put that in your marinating sauce and you have good spicy jerky. It comes out real good and what I like to do is I like to use it in the morning time on your breakfast to put it on your sausage and eggs and stuff. It gets your day going good.

JOHN: Right. Well it sounds like you can use it about everything canít you?

BILL: Yeah, pretty much, yes.

JOHN: We certainly appreciate you joining us. Whatís the mailing address, Bill?

BILL: Itís P.O. Box 1, Dodson, Montana, 59524.

JOHN: Well if anybody needs to mail you, they can mail you at Box 1, Dodson, Montana, 598524. Well thanks again for joining us on Sacred Earth Radio. Remember, folks, if youíre interested in a salsa with a Bull Fight in Every Bite, get ahold of Bill Running Fisher at Native Salsa. Thanks again for joining us today, Bill.

BILL: Thank you for having me.

JOHN: This is John Bentley signing off for Sacred Earth Radio.

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