White Buffalo Lodges - W Magazine August 1998

Totally Tepee, Photo by Bruce Weber

White Buffalo Lodges, Livingston, Montana (406) 238-9796
Don C. Ellis first became interested in tepees while involved in construction. Impressed by the design and the fact that they can accommodate a campfire, he used them instead of tents to house his staff during long jobs. Eventually he left construction and began distributing tepees for other manufacturers. But he was dissatisfied with their quality, and 15 years ago he went into business for himself. White Buffalo Lodges offers four models based on the traditions of four native Montana tribes: the Sioux, the Crow, the Cheyenne, and the Blackfoot. They are all handmade of a heavy, weatherproofed canvas originally used as sailcloth and range in size from 9 to 24 feet in diameter to accommodate between two and eight people. Clients including Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges and Ron Wood use them for guest houses, studios, meditation rooms or massage parlors.
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